The Texas Academy of Palliative Medicine (TAPM) is the support organization for physicians and other healthcare professionals in Texas with an interest in Hospice & Palliative Medicine. We are organized as an IRS-qualified, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with a purpose for providing support for medical education and scientific advancement for palliative medicine to the benefit of the public interest in the state of Texas.

Board certification in hospice & palliative medicine is not a prerequisite for TAPM membership.

TAPM General Members are physicians who practice within Texas and have an interest in hospice and palliative care. Other physicians from out-of-state and any other health-care professionals may be Associate Members of TAPM.

TAPM membership dues are $50/y for General Members and $35/y for Associate Members. TAPM gladly accepts donations and memorials. All donations and dues are tax deductible.

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TAPM Benefits

TAPM currently offers the following services, which are available to members (indicated by *). Other offerings are available to everyone.

  • Website:
  • General information about TAPM
  • Meetings list regarding Hospice/Palliative education offerings (frequently updated)
  • Links to online resources
  • News on hospice and palliative care and other end-of-life issues
  • Assistance in obtaining CME accreditation for member presentations*

Email List Serve

TAPM also operates an online email list service for disseminating information on palliative care issues and for members to ask and answer questions on many topics.

TXNMHO Update – weekly mailed newsletter*

Educational Offerings

  • Hospice Palliative Essentials (HOPE.)
  • Annual one-day physician meeting
  • Clinical Tracks at TNMHO/TAPM Annual Meeting*
  • Annual 2-1/2 day meeting with TNMHO
  • Discounted fees for TAPM General Members*
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